Begin Reading Sample Chapters Here

Begin Reading Sample Chapters Here

This has been an incredible journey. From our initial launch of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can in 2005, our readership has gone from just 500 to over 50,000. And now, its sequel is here to deepen the impact of its powerful message!!

If you’re ready to start reading the sequel, click on the text: “Chapter 1 – Premonitions”  located at the bottom of this post.  That is where you’ll be able to navigate between chapters as you go along.

If you have not read the original Jackrabbit Factor story, that’s an important place to start.  Get a FREE downloadable copy at and read it in one sitting!

Before you begin to read Portal to Genius, I’d love to know how the first Jackrabbit Factor book impacted your life. Feel free to share your experience with it below. How did you come upon it, and how has it helped you?

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  1. Sharra Yellowhorse

    I think I’ve been waiting for this book for the longest time and didn’t even know it! It really just reminded me of what I already knew. As children I think we have this knowing, but somewhere along the way we lose it. Thank you for this wonderful book! Thank you for your sharing of this knowledge and the gifts it brings from its practice. I’m always telling friends and urging them to read your books!

  2. Tiffany Angelle Garner

    I came across The Jackrabbit Factor after Kirk Duncan told us it was a good book to read and take a look at studying. I love it! It has opened up the way I think about money on so many levels. Thanks for helping me to get rid of some of those layers of stuff holding me back in my thinking! 🙂

  3. David

    Hope this book will be as great as the Jack Rabbit Factor. It was well worth Reading – I was the man in the story. Thank You For The Magic, David

  4. Inga

    I actually was introduced to Hidden Treasures before reading the Jackrabbit Factor. I have for years been very drawn to The Secret and all the teachings and information contained within the DVD and the book. I somehow felt perhaps I was putting more focus on that than my other spiritual studies. Hidden Treasures was like the missing puzzle piece for me. It made me realize that the Law of Attraction is truly a divine law, just like the law of gravity. All the scriptural references relating to this Law was like having the lights go on. I now understand why I have been so drawn to it.

    Because of how compelling Hidden Treasures was for me, I was wanting to read more from Leslie. The Jackrabbit Factor was very interesting and something I could relate to. I love analogies and this story really hit home the principles in Hidden Treasures. Now I just visualize Jackrabbits all around me.

    I look forward to the sequel to the Jackrabbit Factor, I am not sure how Leslie can top what she has already done, but I am waiting with anticipation.

  5. Mary

    An acquaintance of mine talked about jackrabbit factor constantly. She was so excited about it, about the changes it was making in her life. She seemed so happy–on fire.

    It was annoying.

    I was frustrated with my life and how things didn’t seem to ever work out for me, so hearing her gush about the jackrabbit factor bothered me and intrigued me all at the same time. When I couldn’t take the mystery any longer I asked her about the “rabbit thing” she was always talking about. She gave me at least four different avenues to secure a copy of the book myself, and I think she even told me she’d give me a copy if I’d wait a week for her shipment to come in…

    I didn’t want to wait. I wanted it now! so I went online and downloaded my free copy.

    I would say that the jackrabbit factor was a tasty little morsel to whet my appetite. As I combed the rest of the website, desperate to find MORE MEAT, I signed up for a seminar and watched the stickman video. But the real magic was when I attended the seminar and recieved the hidden treasures audio.

    What a blessing!!!

    I have been experimenting on those principles for the last year and a half and I have had the most incredible journey! I wrote and published a children’s novel, experienced the greatest personal growth ever… I can’t imagine the misery I would still be stuck in if I had not found these tools.

    And now portal to genius is going to expound on how to use the tools, learn from other’s experience, and put the meatier details in place! It is absolutely fabulous! I can’t say thank you enough and I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  6. Alisa

    I remember first reading Jackrabbit Factor in 2005 — then I read Hidden Treasures, and I’m not sure which book was more life-changing for me. Once I learned the universal laws and how to apply them, there was no turning back for me. Then there was the Science of Getting Rich seminar we took from you, and that was life-changing, too! It set my life on a course full of purpose and passion — once I learned these laws and principles, I knew I would be teaching them for the rest of my life. And it made me hungry to keep searching and learning all I can.

    Thanks for being a great mentor (both Leslie and Trevan) and friend! I hope this book is as life-changing as your other books! I’m looking forward to it!

  7. Bob Downs Post author

    Robert Downs (Phoenix, AZ) wrote on October 2, 2009 at 9:20pm:

    I’ve worked as a Customer Service Rep (but am now hard of hearing – so, you can imagine how it might be rather difficult for me to work with people on the phone), an office worker (Clerk up to Executive Assistant (EA) for a CIO), and a proofreader/editor. The last time I’d worked as a proofreader/editor/desktop publisher was DECADES ago, and I’d forgotten how much I LOVED it. Can you imagine? I just simply forgot! After leaving the EA job, I wasn’t sure what I should do any more… and, then I happened to get the “temp” job I’m working now (and, have been working for over a year). AND, I **LOVE** doing this kind of work! Everyone always says the same thing – “Wow, you’re fast!” and “Wow, what a great job!” or “Gee, Bob, I didn’t even think of making that edit – thank you!” It’s WONDERFUL! I never got such constant and frequent praise for my work before. (My wife, Barb, brought home your “Jackrabbit Factor” audio CD from the premier of “The Opus”, and I started listening to it in the car to/from the EA job. So, when I left the EA job, I really started working on manifesting/changing my vibration to/becoming in tune with work that I would really excel in – whatever that might be. (Like I said, I’d totally forgotten all about how well I did in proofreading/editing decades prior.) And, sure enough, I got this job without difficulty. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Now, after doing some proofreading/editing on my brother-in-law’s Web site and other freelance proofreading/editing, I’m getting a much clearer picture of MY JACKRABBIT. How’s that for a real “Law of Attraction” moment?!

    Since then, I’ve bought MANY books about the Law of Attraction and have learned a great deal. But, your work and Trevan’s work are what really sound down the thoughts and ideas into my heart. I have many books on CD now that I can listen to on my way to/from work. But, really, the one I listen to the most is your “As a Man Thinketh” audio CD. I find it helps keep me calm (SERENE) while dealing with traffic. It also does a great job of helping feel the emotions of having manifested my ideals.

    The song is great, too! I’ve been meaning to ask you where that song you always have playing in the background in your audio CDs came from. :o)

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