Before the book was released, we sent the manuscript to more than twenty readers who were asked to help us correct technical errors and offer suggestions.  Here is their feedback on Portal to Genius:

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“I hardly even know where to begin to comment on Portal to Genius. I am so filled with emotion right now. …I became so intrigued with the story that I gave up [trying to help with the technical revisions] to concentrate on understanding and feeling what I was reading! …I also connected with Felicity as a mom who also has passion and inspiration in other areas of life, and must learn to find the balance and Divine purpose for each of those areas.  I have finally learned how to overcome the doubt and fear that seem to inevitably creep into my thoughts so often. I understand the laws much better now and have gained insight about how to correctly use them in my life.  I feel such an overwhelming sense of gratitude.” Kristen Wilson, Parkland, Florida

This book is amazing. The way that you put it all together touched my heart. I will be reading it over and over again!” Mary Alice Crowther, Westminster, Colorado

Revolutionary. The interactions and conversations are real, authentic and believable. I found myself clapping, laughing and crying from chapter to chapter… There is an energy that overcomes you when you are an instrument in the Master’s hand. While I read, I reflected on my struggles and now understand perfectly why I had to travel through such difficult times. Many concepts started to ‘click’ for me and a portal of understanding opened. The information is amazing and has absolutely created a ‘shift’ in my life. I am inspired and will be forever a woman with purpose, thank you.” Dotti Durtschi, Salt Lake City, Utah

“We are enjoying your wonderful book; it deserves to be MORE than a best seller – I think it could change the world!” Cat Spalding, West Fairlee, Vermont

Astonishing! I absolutely LOVE it! I really can’t say enough good things about what I have read. As a story, it is captivating but it also reads like a parable with so much more to offer! I am making my own notes all over it and it has given me much to think, ponder and pray about already. It is relatable to everyone and is so real and genuine that I can’t imagine anyone having to try at all to find him or herself as a character (or 2 or 3) in this. There are so many stages of life and progression to identify with, reflect upon and move toward. It is truly an inspired work, thank you for sharing it with me.

Powerful… Easy to read… Brilliant! There is clarity within me now that I had been struggling to have, and after reading this it is simpler, and I am at peace. Page [undisclosed page number] changed my life. … I was constantly amazed that each page brought with it something new and powerful. Lessons kept appearing and were seamlessly woven into a life experience that anyone could relate to. There was no hype or attempt to sterilize or pretty them up. It is honest, truthful and refreshing.” Kelli King, Mesa, Arizona

I haven’t read a book quite like this before… and I am seeing my life from a new point of view. I was especially emotional when I was reading about Matt, because I have a teenage son and really want him to live a wonderful life using these principles. I feel strongly that the only way I would be able to communicate this information to him is to experience it myself and let him see the way.” Julie Prosser, Western Australia

Motivating and inspiring. …Whether you’re a business man/woman, a homemaker, or a middle class person living from paycheck to paycheck, this book will teach you how to bring passion and purpose to your life. … You turned a self-help book into an inspiring story that was so intriguing to read. I could hardly put it down!Leasel Highsmith, Queen Creek, Arizona

Portal to Genius has helped me better understand why I have usually walked a different path in life and why I had so much trouble when I tried to take the road ‘most traveled’. It has helped me to celebrate being myself and thank God for the wonderful things and people who have come into my life when I needed them. Many times when talking to people words have come out of my mouth that I can’t explain where they came from. Now I know!!Heidi Adams, Mortlach, Saskatchewan, Canada

“It was a huge breakthrough for me to see how these struggling characters went about finding their own rabbits. I have shared their same fears, dreams, concerns and roadblocks. I have been so focused on overcoming my fear, but after reading this book, I seriously can’t believe how hard I was making it. This will be my guidebook for my future! I will gladly buy several copies and give them to my friends and family.” Krista Nebeker, Ammon, Idaho

“Love the book. I have started to see my own Jackrabbits. It’s amazing just how many there are when you start looking… Leslie hooks you with great characters with whom anyone can identify. The conversations between Richard and Felicity are almost verbatim between my wife and myself. IT’S SCARY!! You will learn some very powerful lessons in Portal to Genius that can change your life.” Glen Fitch, Washington Terrace, Utah

Engaging and thought provokingPortal to Genius underscores that there is genius in being open to receiving direction and guidance in forms we may not have even thought of, as the magic of becoming what we claim to be unfolds in the wake of our passionate constancy to purpose.” Dawnalee Shields, Utah – Arizona – Oregon – Washington

If I ever were stranded on a deserted island with just one bag, I hope it contains the book Portal to Genius. The writers have skillfully and artistically woven the laws of the Universe and an endearing story into a beautiful tapestry with divine impact on its viewers. Portal to Genius has injected me with a generous amount of insight, inspiration, and more importantly: Love and gratitude for life and living it to my fullest potential.” Monique DiCarlo, Springfield, Virginia

“This is well-written, engaging, and powerfully motivating!  I am excited to start applying these principles in my own life.  You have helped me see how I have been undermining my own success by allowing negative ‘little voices’ to interrupt the natural flow of resources.” Roger Kennard, Midvale, Utah

“I cried, because I know how it has felt to have great things happen in my life after all I could do. What I was not aware of, however, was that this could happen as often as I want, and I don’t have to be reacting to my situations, but I can understand the purpose behind these great experiences. I, too, believe in miracles. … I consider Portal to Genius to be one of the books to add to my list of classics. I will read it slowly and again and again.” Leah Hansen, Saratoga Springs, Utah

“You have shared not only your bread with this poor beggar, you have shown me where and how to get my own!!!” Teresa Crane, Arvada, Colorado

“What a delightful read! …Wondrous, inspiringPortal To Genius is a wonderful, simple presentation of profound truths that one must discover to live a full, successful and abundant life. You will gain new insight to inspire and shape you into becoming all that God intended for you to be. Get it! Read it! Go after what you most desire!” Kristie Luane Chiles, Macon, Georgia

“While Jackrabbit Factor was more about dreaming with clarity and acting on your dreams, Portal to Genius has more ‘nuts and bolts’ with details explaining how these dreams may work out in real time. Reading this book has done a lot to encourage me to keep pressing forward toward my dreams in spite of outward appearances and to continue to trust in God. It is a powerful reminder that things will work out in the end, and if they are not worked out yet, it is not the end.David E. Palmer, West Valley City, Utah

“I loved your book. It is amazing. No matter where someone is on his or her path to thinking and being abundant, the book covers it. The stories show how the real life application of the principles of success and happiness work. I started to keep track of editing and storyline, but I became so engrossed in the stories that I gave up and just read. Thanks for the renewed confidence and knowledge that will help me to achieve true prosperity and happiness.” Tim Cardon, Idaho Falls, Idaho

“Fantastic!” Alexandra Mower, Rogersville, Missouri

WOW! What more can I say? This book has really hit home. Again, WOW! So many questions are answered. A tearjerker; you have really brought out some great emotions. There is so much that I relate to. Excellent story and very fun to read! As I was reading I kept looking for critical analysis of what could be improved; I read and read and kept thinking, ‘She nailed it; she’s really nailed it’. Portal to Genius has provided me with greater vision, clarity, and purpose. It prompted discussion between my husband and me. I love reading non-fiction-fiction. You have taken what could have been dry and boring and turned it into a page-turner. Once I started reading I couldn’t put the book down. It sent shockwaves through my life and my vision for the future. It created a fire within my soul to continue on the path even when everyone looking in only sees a ‘crazy dog’. Great Job with all of your long hours and hard work! Really fantastic!!! You are an inspiration!” Linda Knudsen, St. George, Utah

Portal to Genius can be described in one word: Masterpiece. I have to admit that when I heard Leslie was working on a sequel to The Jackrabbit Factor, my reaction was that sequels are pretty much always disappointing and I didn’t really expect to like it. The funny thing is I live my life by intuition, by gut instinct if you will. So in spite of intellectually feeling disdain about the idea of reading a sequel (any sequel), I was compelled to read Portal to Genius. I knew for sure that I was in the right place at the right time. … Leslie once again combines clarity and wisdom into a book that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up…. My life is full of challenges that seem at times to be insurmountable. Portal to Genius gave me HOPE that I am going to be okay. It shares knowledge and wisdom in an easy-to-understand way. It was FANTASTIC.” Valerie Dansereau, Greenville, South Carolina

“The book was engaging and showed me how to get started with finding my own ‘rabbits’. I had a hard time putting the book down. Thanks so much.” Janine Perez, San Antonio, Texas

“Well my head is spinning with words and ideas … thank you for this opportunity. It has been enlightening. You have presented me with life altering lessons to be learned through Portal to Genius. Thank you, both. Thank God.Sheila Nagle, York, Pennsylvania

“THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge to help others. That’s what its all about. What an amazing gift! Amazing!! Jewels of truth and wisdom taught in a clear and enjoyable journey. It brought together so many truths I have believed all my life. I was so excited to learn the lessons and even more eager to apply them that I felt as if I was devouring the book; I couldn’t get through it quickly enough. What an invaluable resource! Truly life changing; thank you!Julie Brown, Cedar City, Utah

“WOW! After reading Portal to Genius, I have greater clarity on how to apply the laws of the Universe into MY life. I have hope again. I have courage to shut out the fear that has been holding me back since, since I can remember. I have read so many books on this subject. THIS one really hit home. I kept saying, ‘Hey, that’s my life!’ over and over again. I know what to do now. I have concrete examples in this book to help me. I could go on and on. I am a renewed person! My life is different from this time forward. I finally get it. I am living on purpose, with purpose. Thank you for writing this book! Thanks a million!” Leah Adair, Stansbury Park, Utah

“I finished reading your book tonight. It went from being very profound, to mind opening and mind-bending! I read the book in parts because I’d start thinking about a thought provoking idea I’d just read, and I’d go off for the rest of the day doing a lot of soul searching, thinking about just one paragraph. That happened a few times. I have changed somewhere on the inside. I have my own personal dragons to overcome like everyone else, but thanks to this book I just got my passion back. I see now where my rabbits have been all along. I know what I need to be doing and the future is looking a whole lot brighter!” Kim Snyder, Elk Grove, California

“WOW. This story is so in alignment with what has been happening in my life. My husband and I recently decided to more consciously envision our future together, and what that means. The result has been opportunities springing up right and left. I have been filled with the excitement of following my passion all week. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to read this. It explains things I have either been missing or forgotten regarding how to manifest my dreams. I have known for a while now that when I put my mind, my passions into a goal, I get what I want. Your book has given me the keys I needed to do it more often, more consistently. Thank you.” Sandra Whitedove, Eugene, Oregon

“I want to begin by saying how richly and deeply Portal to Genius has impacted me. Thank you for this experience. It came in the perfect moment. There are no greater stories than those of loss and redemption and this book abounds with them for each masterfully crafted character. It’s amazingly easy to identify and empathize with each one on a visceral level. What I appreciate most is the absolute humanity that permeates the book.

“As you so eloquently point out, change comes when you begin to ask the right questions. Not only is it humbling, it can be downright scary. We seem to do this only when our back is up against the wall and there is absolutely nowhere to go. If, at that point, we ask in the right way, our portal is unlocked and the genius pours into us. Or perhaps, more accurately, we finally discover what’s been there all along and was simply waiting to be recognized.

“This is a good work! I encourage any and everyone to read it, not just for the amazingly heartfelt story it is, but for the wonderful lessons it contains. You’ve managed to weave a tapestry of ideas and tools for every ‘Goodman’s’ life. It’s a parable of the highest order. It should be brilliantly obvious to everyone. But sadly, as we know, not everyone can see rabbits. Mine is just over there, scampering around and taunting me. I’m learning to be patient.

This book has already changed me. I must admit I’m going to have to re-read because of the huge emotional impact. Yes… tears and all. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone… I have a rep to protect!!” Jim Allmon, Roswell, New Mexico

“The timing of this book review was amazing but no surprise. I have seriously been considering changing jobs and my 21-year-old son has also been searching for a job since his return home from a 2 yr. service mission. He stayed home from college the next day to read. His entire countenance changed the next day as he was able to focus once again, and as he started to apply what he learned. I, myself also found the perfect job which I applied for and am already enjoying it before any interviews have begun. … I loved every page and have experienced several of the same things that occur in the story. It’s amazing and I love sharing what I’ve learned from The Jackrabbit Factor with others; especially the young people I work with. They eat it up!” Tom Stanley, West Jordan, Utah

Additional email feedback:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Portal To Genius. I have just read it non-stop since downloading it four hours ago.  I was really supposed to be online trying to earn money, but I simply could not put this down. I am absolutely certain that you have changed my life.  God bless.” Peter

“Thank you for the free offer to get your books. I’ve already read both… I found them so interesting and entertaining that I couldn’t put them down. I read each book within one day. Now I’m working on bringing things into my life. Thanks again.” Alice Piotrowska, Long Island

“You have no idea how excited I was to receive this Christmas gift! I read Portal the Genius in only a few days.  I love that it was an easy read and it taught me more about the Laws of Attraction which I am seeking to better understand.  I know it was an answer to faithful prayers that I have been given the opportunity to read it.  I learned important principles and helpful ways to implement the teachings I wanted to understand from The Jackrabbit Factor.  This gave me so much more insight and understanding and I really feel that the teachings will propel me to the next level in my life and in my business.  Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book and instruction manual on how to live an abundant life!  It was a pleasure to read and a must have on every bookshelf, virtual or real! Sincerely, Tiffany Erickson”

Have you read the book?  Add your comments below:

140 responses to “Feedback

  1. Rachel Brandon

    This book (and the others Leslie has previously written) have been such a gift in my life. I felt like I had been getting little nuggets here and there throughout my life but after finishing these books I feel like the lights finally came on and I know what I’ve been missing. Looking forward to taking her classes and learning how to put these principles into action, to really learn how to “think”.

  2. Sue

    This is such good information! Life changing in a very positive way. I loved how Leslie included all the principles in the very entertaining story. It is very relatable to our individual lives.

  3. Myla

    I thought the Jackrabbit Factor was great. The Portal to Genius is filling in more than I realized it needed. It was a fun read, and in the end it wrapped up loose ends I had forgotten about because I was so wrapped up in the characters and what was happening for them. I highly recommend this book. Definitely worth your time!

  4. Sharat P

    In just few words. Portal to Genius is an extraordinary mind bender. I have manifested many miracles thanks to Portal to Genius. Jackrabbit factor and Portal to genius are a must read for those who want to create a Genius Legacy behind. I am always in awe of the book. I read the book 10 times. Go read it friends.

  5. chevy chisholm

    Amazing book, fun to read and very insightful. The story was so easy to relate to and apply to my own life, I loved it! Thank you Leslie for such a gift. God Blessings to you.

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