The solution to every problem is only an idea away(Okay, so HOW do you GET that idea!??)

What is Portal to Genius?

Portal to Genius is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning, best selling book, The Jackrabbit Factor. It is a fascinating and powerful story that illustrates how to enlist, recognize, and trust inspired ideas for solving 'impossible' problems, and achieving remarkable results.

This book is unique, in that it doesn't just tell you how to succeed, it actually facilitates the mindset shift that is necessary for success. You'll follow:

  • Richard and Felicity who are still at the end of their financial rope
  • A father who needs a medical miracle, and
  • A businessman who needs $4.5 million by Wednesday they each discover their portals to genius; and in the process it will show you yours.

Based on true to life challenges, and built on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, Leslie Householder (award-winning best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can) and Garrett B. Gunderson (New York Times best selling author of Killing Sacred Cows), bring you an experience you'll never forget through this brilliant work true to its name.

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"This was recommended by a friend to me, and now I am recommending it to others. Outside of my ... spiritual library, this is my number-one-ever read. Without being wordy or hard to read, this book does an excellent job of illustrating and communicating powerful principles that we all live by, regardless of whether we realize it or not. I recommend it to anyone who wants to empower themselves to set and accomplish worthwhile and wholesome objectives in life, whether they are personal, financial, social, spiritual, etc." - Boat Bloke (Amazon Review)

I found myself clapping, laughing and crying from chapter to chapter Revolutionary. ...I found myself clapping, laughing and crying from chapter to chapter… There is an energy that overcomes you when you are an instrument in the Master’s hand. While I read, I reflected on my struggles and now understand perfectly why I had to travel through such difficult times. Many concepts started to ‘click’ for me and a portal of understanding opened. The information is amazing and has absolutely created a ‘shift’ in my life. I am inspired and will be forever a woman with purpose, thank you. ~ Dotti Durtschi
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What the experts have to say...

Brian Tracy

“This fast-moving, inspiring book is full of ideas and insights to improve every area of your life.”

Brian Tracy Legendary speaker, Author: Maximum Achievement, Chairman and CEO - Brian Tracy International
Alex Mandossian

"Sticky... ingenious. ...Great job... I have no idea how you pulled that off."

Alex Mandossian World renowned marketing coach and CEO - Heritage House Publishing, Inc

If you enjoyed The Jackrabbit Factor…

Then you're going to LOVE Portal to Genius, the sequel. Now you can find out:

  1. Who is the unknown gentleman at the end of The Jackrabbit Factor?
  2. What was his amazing idea?
  3. How did Richard become the success implied in the epilogue?
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Powerful… Easy to read… Brilliant! There is clarity within me now that I had been struggling to have, and [undisclosed] changed my life. … I was constantly amazed that each page brought with it something new and powerful. Lessons kept appearing and were seamlessly woven into a life experience that anyone could relate to. There was no hype or attempt to sterilize or pretty them up. It is honest, truthful and refreshing.

Kelli King Mesa, Arizona

There are no greater stories than those of loss and redemption and this book abounds with them for each masterfully crafted character... Change comes when you begin to ask the right questions. Not only is it humbling, it can be downright scary. We seem to do this only when our back is up against the wall and there is absolutely nowhere to go. ...This book has already changed me ...huge emotional impact. Yes… tears and all.

Jim Allmon Roswell, New Mexico

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